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Online Portal
How do I access my Online Portal?
What can I do with my Online Portal?

Your new online portal for managing FSA is at

Login using your username and password. If you are logging in for the first time, use the link above to access information on how to access your account.

Your portal will access all of your Flexible Spending Accounts so you can view your account balance, file claims, upload receipts, and update your information.

You can also update your contact information, add a bank account for direct deposit, and request additional debit cards. You'll be able to add your dependent information so you can more easily file claims and see any requests for additional information or receipts needed.

See more about how to use your account using the Online Portal Demos link and Mobile App Demos link above.

Debit Cards
Am I getting a new debit card for 2020?

All people who have enrolled in the Health and/or Dependent Care FSA for 2020 with the State of New Mexico are receiving new debit cards, even if you were previously enrolled in FSA during 2019.

New cards are expected to arrive between January 9th and January 19th.

These cards will be loaded with your 2020 funds, but will not access any remaining funds from 2019. To use your 2019 funds during the grace period, you will need to file claims with CompuSys.

2 cards will automatically be issued. To request additional cards beyond the 2 automatic, or to order dependent cards or replacement cards, access your online portal. New cards are issued at a $10 per card fee.

Mobile App
How do I get the mobile app?

Search for "BenefitsbyET" on the Apple or Google Play store to download the mobile app to your phone. This app connects to your online portal and uses the same login information as your online portal. 

You can use the app to file claims, including taking a picture of your receipts and Explanations of Benefits to upload directly to your claim rather than scanning into a computer to upload. 

You can also update your information, view your account, and manage your debit cards through the mobile app.

Direct Deposit
Do I need to set up my direct deposit bank account again?

Yes, you will need to add your bank account again for direct deposit with your new setup.


Login to your online portal and hover over the "Account" tab. Under the "Profile" section, you will see a link to access your Banking. From there you can add your account and set up direct deposit as a reimbursement method.

How do I add dependents to my account?

When you are filing a claim through your online portal, you will need to indicate whether the claim is for you or one of your dependents. When accessing your portal on a computer, you will have the opportunity to add your dependent information. You can go in first to access your profile and update dependent information, or you can add it as you are entering your claim by clicking the "Add Dependent" link and following the instructions.

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